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Mary Bange with a client on reformerMary Bange brings over ten years of personal Pilates practice and more than five years of teaching experience to Bange Pilates. Mary has an uncanny ability to tweak little details to get the most out of you. Her deep understanding of anatomy and movement contribute to her ability to concisely articulate the Pilates principles that will improve your technique and your workout performance.

The Classical Experience

Mary’s studio features a private setting with equipment built to Pilates founder Joseph Pilates' original specifications. Mary's training adheres to the "classical" Pilates exercise order while integrating most of the safe, proven equipment within each session.

Personal Attention

The one-on-one approach, means that your training will be unique to your body type, your activities and your personal goals. This is focused training that only a private session can give you. With Mary’s unique personal attention, you will see benefits not achievable in a group class environment. Your program is designed specifically for you. Your program adapts with you as you progress or your needs change.


Variety is a vital part of training. Mary’s sessions are strict on classical order and flow with special attention given to each client's needs and requirements. Mary focuses on proper technique for optimum results, but always finds a way to challenge the client with innovative twists and modifications to the classical themes that keep sessions new and fun.

Specialized Training and Programs

The Pink Ribbon Program helps breast cancer survivors regain full strength and range of motion in those areas affected by breast cancer surgery.

Pilates for Runners brings together Mary's running background and Pilates training. As a former world-class runner, Mary understands what it takes to improve your performance, prevent injury and speed injury recovery.

With the Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates Programs, Mary designs safe challenging workouts for your ever changing body. Mary obtained her certification as a Prenatal and Postnatal Specialist™ from program founder Carolyne Anthony.