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Pilates and TRX

"I really started using TRX extensively during that 2006 off season throughout my rehabilitation process, and continue to use it today to put myself in the best position from a cardio standpoint and from a strength standpoint."
Drew Brees, MVP Super Bowl XLIV

Life doesn’t happen sitting down. In real life our bodies move to the side, backwards, forwards and diagonally. Traditional weight training tends to be linear and follows one plane of movement. TRX® Suspension Training® encourages multi-planar training which integrates all your motions and mimics real life movement. This makes TRX an ideal complement to Pilates. Both TRX and Pilates build balanced strength and flexibility, inscreasing performance and preventing injuries. For this reason, Mary offers a program that includes both TRX and Pilates.

Benefits of TRX Suspension Training

  • Builds core strength
  • Improves strength and balance
  • Improves flexibility and coordination
  • Builds endurance and cardio
  • Improves functional fitness
  • Prevents injuries
  • Improves posture
  • Improves sports performance

TRX Suspension Training utilizes a system of straps, buckles and grips (the “suspension trainer”) that allows you to work against your own body weight. You can adjust the amount of resistance you want by making small changes in foot, hand or body position. This capability makes the TRX a versatile and effective exercise solution regardless of your age, fitness level or limitations.Suspension Training builds core strength with every exercise by creating an element of instability that calls on your core to provide balance and coordination. It is the perfect complement to Pilates training.

Mary's TRX Suspension Training Program

Mary knows that each client is unique. Not only is each individual's body built a little differently, but each client's life is filled with a mix of physical activities that can require specific training. Movements using the TRX integrate strength and balance into a dynamic format that taxes the nervous system at a high level and maximizes the benefits of body weight exercises for faster results. Pilates purists would find it unnecessary to add anything extra to a Pilates workout. However, Mary believes that for improvement and progress it is imperative to learn new ways to move and work your body. Adding suspension training to your Pilates workouts will enhance what you are already doing.