Pilates and Swimming Performance


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Swimming is a total-body exercise requiring strength and endurance. Swimmers greatly benefit from a complementary whole-body Pilates conditioning program to improve their core strength, breathing efficiency and body balance. Pilates has been proven to increase swimmers’ performance so much that legendary six-time Olympic coach Richard Quick made Pilates a standard part of his swimmers' training program.

"In swimming, speed comes directly from the core, so Pilates helps immensely."
—Dara Torres, competed in 5 Olympics

Achieving a high level of performance and avoiding injury is only possible if you attain functional balance of the muscles that move your extremities and torso thorough the water. A Pilates program will help you achieve better flexibility, strength and control, thereby improving the form of your stroke.

Benefits of the Pilates for Swimming Performance Program

  • Improves swimming performance
  • Builds core strength
  • Restores natural posture, creating better balance in the water
  • Increases stamina and endurance through proper breathing techniques
  • Improves flexibility in shoulders, arms, legs and hips for a better swim stroke
  • Balances strength around the joints and muscles against water resistance
  • Builds strength without adding bulk so you can "slice" through the water
  • Reduces risk of injury by creating functional muscle balance

Mary's Pilates for Swimming Performance Program

Deeply understanding the benefits of Pilates, Mary has created a unique program that builds stamina and power into your swimming stroke through core muscle strength. This program also helps you improve breathing capacity and efficiency through diaphragm strength and control. Finally, Mary corrects posture and increases your muscle and body flexibility to enhance balance and recovery from strenuous practices or races.