Pilates and Soccer Performance


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"An hour of Pilates a day ... and fitness-wise I am the best I have been for a long time."
David Beckham, Professional Soccer Player

Soccer is one of the world’s most physically demanding sports. Strength, endurance, speed and agility: soccer requires all of these, plus muscle balance and flexibility to prevent injury.

Soccer managers such as Arsene Wenger of Arsenal have long preached the crucial importance of stretching, suppleness and flexibility – the very things that Pilates does best. A growing number of top soccer players do Pilates as a way of improving co-ordination, mobility and flexibility, as well as for both recovering from injuries and preventing them in the first place.

David Beckham was introduced to Pilates while he was playing for AC Milan. After adding Pilates to his conditioning program, Beckham dropped his total body fat to 8.5 percent, from 13.7.

Mary Bange offers a soccer performance program that produces maximum proven results in the shortest time.

Benefits of the Pilates for Soccer Performance Program

  • Builds core strength for improved efficiency and endurance
  • Builds long lean muscles for strength without added bulk
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Restores natural posture and alignment of the body
  • Improves stability and balance
  • Corrects imbalances in the body, reducing the risk of injury
  • Increases stamina and endurance through proper breathing techniques

Mary’s Pilates for Soccer Performance Program

Our program begins with an individualized session to assess your movement, including postural alignment, flexibility, coordination, strength and balance. We consider your specific performance goals and evaluate any injuries or other special considerations.

Some of the exercises and stretches we employ may be familiar to you already, but it is the underlying precise Pilates techniques that make them so effective. Intense core training helps improve your running efficiency, breathing and endurance. Specific exercises enhance your range of motion in the hips and legs, improve your posture through spinal alignment, and reduce the risk of injury through relief of tight muscles and muscle imbalances. And targeted Pilates exercises can also help you recover more quickly from injury.