Pilates and Running Cross-Training


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RunningRunners love to run and believe that nothing else will give them that feeling of freedom and joy. But you can't run your best and maximize that feeling without a strong core, the muscles in your abdominals, lower back and glutes. Core strength is the primary force that controls motion in the hips and spine when you run. Weakness or lack of sufficient coordination in the core muscles can lead to less efficient movements, compensatory movement patterns, strain, overuse and injury.

"When my core strength is at its peak, I can run more efficiently and maintain that extra edge."
—Lola Jones, World Champion Hurdler, in Runners World

As a former world-class runner, Mary understands what it takes to improve your performance, prevent injury and speed injury recovery. Combining her running background with her Pilates training and credentials, Mary has designed a unique Pilates Cross-Training for Running Performance program. This program improves your performance through a stronger core, increased flexibility and improved posture. Leveraging Pilates basics, Mary's running cross-training program will strengthen your diaphragm and stretch tight rib muscles to improve breathing – all to help you run longer with less effort.

Benefits of the Pilates Cross-Training for Running Performance Program

  • Improves running performance
  • Prolongs running career
  • Builds core strength for improved efficiency and endurance
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Restores natural posture and alignment of the body
  • Improves stability and balance
  • Corrects imbalances in the body to reduce the risk of injury
  • Increases stamina and endurance through proper breathing techniques
  • Builds upper body strength without adding bulk

Mary's Pilates Cross-Training for Running Performance Program

Our program begins with an individualized session to assess your movement, including postural alignment, flexibility, coordination, strength and balance, as well as to evaluate any injuries, performance goals or other special considerations you may have. While some of the exercises and stretches may be familiar to you as a runner, it’s the application of underlying Pilates techniques that makes them so effective. Intense core training helps improve your running efficiency, breathing and endurance. Other exercises enhance your range of motion in the hips and legs, improve posture through spinal alignment and reduce the risk of injury through relief of tight muscles and muscle imbalances. Specific Pilates exercises can also be used to help you recover more quickly from injury.