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One-on-One-Pilates at Bange PilatesOur NEW CLIENT OFFER makes it easy to get started with Pilates.

Three Sessions for $99

Rates & Policies

One-on-One Training is available by appointment. Please call the studio at 713-864-2413 or e-mail us at maryb@fastmail.fm to request an appointment.

One-on-One Training
$60 - Per Session
$220 -4 Pack ($55/Session)

Rewards Program

Attend Sessions, Refer Friends, Earn Points

Bange Pilates is now offering a client rewards program. This is our way of saying THANK YOU for your hard work training at the studio and for the little things that can make a big difference in our business. There are many ways to earn points that you can redeem for free sessions.

Earning Points

REFER A FRIEND: If you refer a friend who purchases a new-client package.*

ATTEND YOUR PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION: All you need to do is attend your session and you will automatically earn 20 points.

CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY: Turn a year older and you will earn 50 points.

Redeeming Points

REDEEM 1000 POINTS for a free personal training session.*

Referrals can take many forms: "word of mouth," LinkedIn recommendation, FaceBook post, review on Yelp!


Our Perfectly Reasonable Cancellation Policy: In reality nobody "likes" policies. However, Bange Pilates is based on respecting our clients' time, as well as our instructor's. So we need this one. We simply require you to cancel your reservation by 8:00 pm the prior day. Respecting this policy respects our instructor's precious time and allows others to take your spot. People helping people ...it's the right thing to do. If you cancel after 8:00 pm of the day prior to your appointment, you will incur the full charge of the session.