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Pilates Style: Moves of the Month for Marathon TrainingMary Bange demonstrates Pilates
workouts for marathon training
in the March/April 2017 edition of
Pilates Style magazine.

Shape Magazine - Mary Bange, Pilates Instructor, HoustonMary Bange As Seen In SHAPE Magazine
The Fast Track to Flatter Abs:
Pilates is the way to shrink your midsection,
but it can also help you avoid breast cancer.
Top instructors show you why prevention never looked so good.

August 2018
Mary is celebrated in this Ironwood Daily Globe article as an eight time winner of the Paavo Nurmi Marathon
May 31, 2017
Meet Mary Bange of Bange Pilates
April 2015
A career as a musician takes a serious toll on the body, but Pilates can offer the necessary tune-up. Mary's expertise is sought in this story on the benefits of Pilates for professional musicians.
Mary Bange was awarded Teacher of the Month by Center for Women's Fitness for her work with clients in Pre/Post Natal and the Pink Ribbon Program.
September 24, 2012
Mary has been chosen to designate a recipient (who will receive $175.00 this quarter) and to teach Pink Ribbon Program instruction to a breast cancer patient of her choice who is need of financial assistance toward Pilates sessions.
October, 2011
An Interview with Mary Bange
June 16, 2011
Pink Ribbon Program uses pilates to speed recovery from breast cancer surgery
October 7, 2008
Pilates and Breast Cancer by Mary Bange