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Pilates and Breast Cancer Recovery

Pink Ribbon ProgramExercise may be the last thing you feel like doing after breast cancer surgery. You are probably exhausted, your arm may be painful and swollen, and the adjuvant treatments can make you feel even worse. All you want to do is rest. In the past, that's exactly what doctors recommended. However, recent studies indicate a link between moderate physical exercise and improved quality of life for breast cancer survivors.

For example, the June 2010 Cochrane Review finds that specially designed programs help patients maintain shoulder movement and minimize loss of arm or shoulder function after breast cancer surgery. These specially designed programs include range-of-motion movements for the shoulders and stretching exercises.

The Pink Ribbon Program is a system of Pilates based exercises specifically designed for post-operative breast cancer recovery. The exercises help stretch and strengthen the shoulder, chest, back and abdominal muscles, allowing women to regain full range of motion to those areas affected by breast cancer surgery.

Mary Bange is uniquely qualified in this area, having been certified as a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist (BCES) and Master Trainer by Pink Ribbon Program founder Doreen Puglisi. Mary starts every new client with a private one-on-one meeting. After listening to the client's goals and evaluating all the information provided regarding surgery, treatment and the resulting implications for movement, Mary develops a custom workout that will give the client optimal results.

Benefits of the Pink Ribbon Program for Breast Cancer Recovery

  • Helps regain strength and mobility in the affected shoulder and arm
  • Retrains musculature of the trunk for postural improvement
  • Restores immune systems damaged by anti-cancer drugs
  • Enhances energy levels
  • Decreases stress and tension
  • Improves self-confidence
  • Reduces feelings of depression
  • Aids lymphedema management

Though The Pink Ribbon Program Pilates based exercises are designed specifically for breast Cancer Recovery, Mary welcomes any cancer survivor with special exercise needs.

Download The Pink Ribbon Program Brochure (PDF)

Read Mary's article in Peak Pilates,Pilates and Breast Cancer (PDF)