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A Pilates Program just for you.

Bange Pilates, located in the Heights / Washington Avenue area of Houston, Texas is a boutique studio offering one-on-one Pilates sessions developed by a highly trained instructor at realistic prices.

Our commitment is to guide you toward integrated movement that improves balance, flexibility and strength, to enhance the way you use your body - in sports or in all facets of everyday life.

Since I began working with Mary I feel stronger, breathe better,
am more flexible and have much more stamina." —Dean M.

One-on-One Pilates Training

The one-on-one approach, means that your training will be unique to your body type, your activities and your personal goals. This is focused training that only a private session can give you. With Mary's unique personal attention, you will see benefits not achievable in a group class environment. Your program is designed specifically for you. Your program adapts with you as you progress or your needs change.

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"The one to one instruction and Mary's knowledge and experience maximizes the benefits
I get from each hour session and she creates a program that is right for me." —Hillary F.
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Why We Are Different

Mary Bange brings over 15 years of personal Pilates practice and ten years of teaching experience to Bange Pilates. While she believes in the time tested benefits of classical Pilates, Mary stays current with emerging fitness regimes to offer cutting edge Pilates based programs. Mary's understanding of anatomy and movement, combined with her athletic background and experience with a variety of clients, contribute to her ability to concisely articulate the Pilates principles that will improve your technique and your workout performance.

Variety is a vital part of training. Mary's sessions are based on the classical order and flow with special attention given to each client's needs and requirements. Mary focuses on proper technique for optimum results but always finds a way to challenge the client with innovative twists and modifications to the classical themes that keep sessions new and fun.

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"Mary uses her natural athleticism in her teaching and her creative sessions gave me a full body workout. I could see my body becoming leaner, stronger and more flexible. She really pushed me to work to my full capability." —Jennifer H.



One-on-One Training is available by appointment. Please call the studio at 713.864.2413 or e-mail us at maryb@fastmail.fm to request an appointment.

New Client Offer: 3 sessions for $99

One-on-One Training: $60 - Per Session, $220 -4 Pack ($55/Session)

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Mary's Pilates Credentials

Combining her athletic background with her Pilates credentials, Mary can design a Pilates workout for the seasoned athlete, exercise novice, expectant mother or individuals with health related needs.

Mary Bange


Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates Specialist™
Master Trainer and Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist (BCES) through Pink Ribbon Program
Peak PilatesSystem© Certified Trainer
Certified TRX Suspension Training Instructor
Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT©)
Exercise, Etc Senior Fitness Specialist
Certified SPX Fitness Trainer

Let’s get started!

To create a Pilates program just right for you, contact Mary at maryb@fastmail.fm or call 713.864.2413.

Mary Bange